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Second season starts this month

I’m writing this in late July in fact one day before I finish filming the second season of Nothing Trivial. It’s been a blast and tomorrow night we have the traditional “Wrap” party. The wrap parties are always an anticipated night as cast and crew get together to relax after what would have been a long winter shoot. We sit back and listen to the producer speeches and then watch the much loved ‘Bloopers” reel – of course with a cold beer!

Shooting a television series in New Zealand is a labour of love. The hours are long especially for the core cast and every member of the crew.
We shoot a five day weeks (which at times flows over to a six days). Hours generally are 6am through to 7pm Sunday through to Thursday. They shoot on a Sunday predominately, as it’s easier to get location availability. So for the core cast of Nothing Trivial quite often we can be heading off to work before the kids wake up and home again after they have gone to bed. Our wives and partners really work just as hard keeping households together over the 17-19 week shoot period.
Once home, its time for a quick bite before hitting the lines for the next day.
However for all its heavy time schedule, I am so fortunate and grateful to be doing a job I love. I’ve always wanted to act and in particular had a love affair with television.
The thrill of getting new scripts, watching gaffers, directors of photography and sound teams get a location ready to go while we work on angles and script. Television is a result of a lot of different jobs coming together to complete the same goal and it’s a privilege to be part of it and see it happen.
We go to air this month, In fact the last Sunday in August at 8.30pm on TV One. I will be nervous, excited and proud of my colleagues when I sit with the family and watch, hoping like mad it rates well so we can do it all over again.
Have a great August – don't miss Nothing Trivial!

Shane Cortese –

by Shane Cortese