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Q&A – Ask the Builder

Our CHANNEL Building and Home Maintenance column is contributed on a monthly basis by Alex Coburn QPC Builders. Alex and his team are refreshingly energetic and passionate North Shore builders dedicated to delivering the highest quality work that sets them apart. In this column he answers a readers question.

If you have any questions or would like some advice on something that is bothering you on your property email me and I will do my best to answer your questions. Send building questions to

A recent question we had was from Graham in Milford…

Q. GRAHAM: I own a modern home around 10 years old and I have two internal tiled decks with rooms below I think one has a leak in it as there are water marks in the ceiling below. Can this be fixed with out getting council involved?

A. ALEX: This is a tough question; it’s a problem I see a lot.
There are a number of different reasons that your deck could be leaking. It could be poor design, break down of the waterproofing or perhaps something simple like a blocked water outlet.
If the deck is leaking due to poor construction or design then the proper steps need to be taken to fix it and council consent and drawings may be required. Once redesigned you will need a licensed builder to carry out the work. If it is the drainage that is blocked, some decks can turn into a pool if the outlet isn’t checked regularly and kept free from leaves and silt. So I would start with checking the outlets.

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by Alex Coburn