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This loveable Channel Magazine feature is presented by Louise O’Sullivan of DogHQ, the North Shore’s premium Dog Day Care facility. DogHQ provides the ultimate in social, physical and mental stimulation for dogs of all types in a safe and caring environment. DogHQ’s full range of services include obedience training, agility fun days, grooming and all natural nutrition. See all the fun for yourself at and

How much attention do you pay to making sure your pet is in optimum health? If you don’t think much about it, then you might find yourself spending more at the vet than you really need to.
Just like you, your pet’s body has a wonderful, natural defence system to help fight off illness, toxins and disease. And, just like you, if your pet’s immune system is not operating within optimum health they are far more susceptible to the influences of infection, disease and parasites.
It makes complete sense then, to avoid unnecessary sickness that you provide your pet with the environmental, physical and nutritional requirements to ensure a robust immune system.
So if you haven’t thought about it much before… now might be a good time to consider what in the way of immune system support your cat or dog is getting. As temperatures drop and moisture prevails, the instances of flu will increase. Vaccination alone will not protect your pet 100%.  If your pet has a strong immune system, even if they are exposed they stand a far better chance of “shaking it off”.

Immune Booster Tips
Review what you are feeding your pet especially if your pet suffers from any itching or poor quality skin/coat conditions. There are many pet food products available and they are not all created equal. Make sure your food choice is a natural one.
Ensure you follow a considered programme of parasite control. Don’t under-do it, but don’t over-do it either. There is growing evidence that bombarding your pet with topical chemicals may be adding to their problems.
Always monitor changes in your pet’s skin/coat and weight. Addressing negative changes early when you notice them will be easier and prevent your pet “going down hill”.
For urban dogs in particular, the right amount of exercise is crucial in maintaining optimum health. It will help your health too!
Consider using natural immune system boosters such as an oil containing Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids,  pet supplements containing vitamin C & E and Echinacea.

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Indie's Insights

I overheard a conversation recently where someone mentioned they were thinking it might be a good idea to get a dog. My ears pricked up. They then went on to describe the type of dog they wanted. One that doesn’t shed hair, isn’t too big, is good with children and, wait for it, doesn’t bark. A dog that doesn’t bark... ahhh I get it... they don’t want a dog at all. Perhaps it is a cat... or even a goldfish they were wanting.

by Louise O'Sullivan