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ANDREW WILLIAMS: New Zealand First Candidate for North Shore banner

ANDREW WILLIAMS: New Zealand First Candidate for North Shore

FORMER MAYOR Backs New Zealand First

As mayor I understood very clearly what was needed for our North Shore communities and recognised that New Zealand First’s policies and principles have been of great assistance to our people. New Zealand First introduced the Super Gold Card with free seniors’ public transport, raised superannuation to 66% of the average wage, helped those with hearing disabilities, introduced free doctors’ visits for under six year olds, negotiated 1,000 extra police, saved the racing industry, and raised the minimum wage for youth.

I’m proud to represent New Zealand First as candidate for North Shore, to help introduce more such policies and to continue the extensive work I was involved in as your mayor. People know that I’m a man of action who gets results, instrumental in sorting out the 18 year Pak ‘N Save supermarket debacle, stopping the Whenuapai Airport – with all its noise and pollution, and clearing the way for the building of the Birkenhead Library and the Albany Senior High School. Getting the Takapuna Beach Café commissioned, funding for the National Ocean Water Sports Centre and the Millennium Institute 50 metre pool, the Hurstmere Green and Takapuna Visitor Information Centre upgrade, and more parkland at Mairangi Bay, Chelsea Estate, Long Bay, Hauraki Corner, Bayswater and other seaside areas.

New Zealand First will introduce one free doctor’s visit yearly for SuperGold Card holders and a $10 cap thereafter. We’ll provide employer incentives for youth apprenticeships, introduce a dollar-for-dollar payment subsidy on student debt for students staying and working in New Zealand, initiate Family Start Programmes to break the cycle of bad parenting, will ensure equal access to health care and we’ll give health professionals the tools to fight early childhood disease.

We have a seven-point plan to rebuild our economy, particularly exports, to keep jobs in New Zealand. Outsourcing to low wage countries will end. New Zealand First will introduce a bold set of tax incentives to encourage private savings – the first $10,000 of interest earned would become tax free. We will introduce government guaranteed inflation proof bonds – eligible to New Zealand citizens resident in New Zealand only – that will pay the inflation rate (measured by the CPI) plus 2.5%.

New Zealand First will stop state asset sales, and the sale of our farmland. Our power stations and rivers belong to the people. No Government has the right to sell these priceless public assets - our ‘family silverware’! We will impose strict restrictions on foreign land ownership. New Zealand First also knows that ALL New Zealanders own our foreshore and seabed. It should always be in Crown hands for us all.

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