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This loveable Channel Magazine feature is presented by Louise O’Sullivan of DogHQ, the North Shore’s premium Dog Day Care facility. DogHQ provides the ultimate in social, physical and mental stimulation for dogs of all types in a safe and caring environment. DogHQ’s full range of services include obedience training, agility fun days, grooming and all natural nutrition. See all the fun for yourself at and

Constant ear infections, itchy feet, dry skin or a soft stool could be evidence your cat or dog is suffering from a food intolerance or allergy, which in turn will be affecting their overall health.
So what’s the cause of these health issues?
Many dry pet foods are made using meat by-products and high levels of “fillers” (for example wheat and corn glutens) as inexpensive forms of protein. Not only are these ingredients more difficult to digest and less nutritional for your pet, they are also often the source of all that itching and scratching.
It’s time to say NO to: Animal by-products, Grain by-products, Wheat, Corn, Glutens, Soy, Artificial preservatives, Artificial flavourings, Artificial colourings.
Now you can choose something better for your pet with the Go! and Now! range of dry Dog and Cat foods.
Made with wholesome “human grade” meats, fruits and vegetables, these foods provide better nutrition to keep your pet healthier and happier! 
New Zealand pet owners are already seeing the benefit in this wonderful new product for themselves...
“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Go! Salmon and Oatmeal food that you recommended for Neo, one of our search and rescue dogs. Neo had terrible stinky skin, continuous foot/grass allergies and has developed continuous ear infections. He also needs to put on weight.
After only three days his coat no longer looked or felt greasy. My husband even said he thought Neo had about 50% more energy.
After using the food for a week, Neo’s feet are no longer red and irritated. Normally he would have been back on his homeopathic remedy for his feet allergy but he hasn’t needed it and there is no sign of needing to use it in the near future.”
– Tania Evans (Auckland).
Once you see the results of using Go! Natural or Now! Fresh, you’ll never want to feed your pet anything else.


Tall Tails

What is your dog’s tail telling you?
So a wagging tail means your dog is happy?

It is not just the movement of the tail that is important in understanding what the dog is communicating.
If the dog is relaxed and the tail is wagging loosely then yes this is a happy, friendly sign. However, if the perceived wag is with a stiff tail held high then the dog may well be telling you to go away.
A very low wag, usually accompanied by a low body position is a sign of submission a “let’s be friends” message. And a tail that is tucked right under the body between the legs signals fear. Keep in mind that a fearful dog is one that may react to defend itself so this is a good indicator to watch for.
With so much being said with the tail, you can see that a dog without a tail is very much at a communication disadvantage!


Indie’s  Insights

Did you know that some humans have spent a lot of time and effort measuring the IQ of different breeds of dog?
I rate myself as being pretty smart, but according to a Dr Stanley Coren we Ridgebacks are ranked 52 out of 80.
And, no, the poodle is not the smartest dog according to Dr Coren, the Border Collie is. The top 10 according to him are Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher, Shetland Sheepdog, Labrador, Papillon, Rotweiler, Australian Cattle Dog. And number 80, the Afghan Hound.
The tests are based on understanding new commands and frequency of obeying first command. The smartest kids understand new commands in less than 5 repetitions and obey on first command 95% of the time or better.
My best friend Tenzing is a Border Collie and he’s pretty clever alright, but I’m not convinced that doing what you are told on first command is a fair measure of intelligence do you?
Maybe the Afghan Hound is the smartest after all.


Morris & Butter
I was three when I got them from the SPCA and now they are five. Morris is the big one but he is scared of everything.
Butter is the small one but she is braver than Morris.  Morris is always smacking our dog with his paws and Butter always follows me to school both of which are really irritating. Butter is cute because she loves to sleep with me. Morris is cute because of his laziness. I love my cats because of how they play, sleep and do stuff. – by Logan.

Match the Dog to the Owner Answers
These are the answers to last month’s Match the Dog to the Owner quizz: Karma 1 owns Mary F; Lucca 2 owns Lissa D; Louie 3 owns Leanne A; Lola 4 owns Stephanie E; Rocco 5 owns Jonathan C; Barney 6 owns Jeanette B.





by Louise O'Sullivan