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New Sales and Marketing Channel Available for the Harbour Community

Netball North Harbour has joined forces with Harbour Sport (Sportlink) and Techengine Solutions to launch an exceptional new project.  The project will provide a way for businesses to reach customers with offers and to sell direct to our large database of netball members and supporters.

By forming an exclusive partnership with Sportlink we are able to utilise the BOOMO Business Marketing platform and Consumer Wallet App. Our members and supporters simply download the Netball North Harbour Club Card from the app and are able to access to have access to personalised advertisements, loyalty programmes and the ability to make purchases. BOOMO is a new and exciting way for customers to engage with businesses in simple-to-use digital form. 

Posters promoting some of the available offers have been erected throughout the Netball North Harbour complex and will be displayed initially from August through until October. We encourage businesses to get involved with the promotion as there are nine advertising spots available per poster, each spot costing just $199 + GST per month. This information will also be sent out to our database of 16,000 members, posted on our Facebook page and available through our website. Throughout netball tournaments and regular game days a crew of activators will be on site encouraging members to download the BOOMO app to get their hands on the amazing offers available. 

The app will also allow businesses to directly engage customers as well as receive real-time information on previously hard to measure variables to ensure a return on their marketing investment. The ability of being able to choose how, when, where and who they share information and offers with will provide businesses with flexibility.

As for Netball North Harbour, we will ensure a massive 40 percent of this revenue is directed back into the netball community which will make a real difference to the quality of our facilities and resources.

If you would like to advertise on the posters at Netball North Harbour, please email